Wednesday, April 18, 2012

INSPIRATION: Kim Kardashion

Vest : Thrifted | | White tank : Old Navy | |  Necklace : Charlotte Russe | |  Capris : Kohl's | |
Heels : Ross

Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway.

Hey Beauties!!!
Happy Hump day! Hope all is going well. Today I was busy getting ready for the BBQ Im planning this weekend...and my oh my was it a hot day. California is really living up to its "sunny" weather this week. In other news, I'm super excited! Tomorrow is my mother's birthday and since most of my family members are off from work tomorrow, we're planning to taker her out to Sunday Brunch. It's going to be fun..yay!
 OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Like I mentioned was crazy hot so I put on something sleeveless and not too heavy. But even after a few mins in the Sun, I was sweating! So I think tomorrow...less clothing lol. I borrowed my look from Kim Kardashion. I didn't really make any changes to it except the heart necklace. Basically everything from this look I already had from awhile back...just needed to put the pieces together and they fit well. Enjoy.
Until next time beauties!


  1. Love your look! You are werking them jeans boo!

  2. Cute look! I was just pondering on doing a feature like this on my blog! Thanks for the lovely comments!! :)

    1. problem, luv your style....and thank you!!!

  3. Cute outfit, almost exact!!

  4. You look so amazing, love your outfit. Cute blog too.



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