Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dress like a lady....

Dress: Thrifted | | Heels: LoveD | | Purse: Macy's | |  Belt: Charlotte Russe

I may not know what the future holds but I know who holds the future

Hey Beauties!!!
Hope all is going well. Today was a beautiful, hot day lol. At church this morning the pastor preached a lovely message that got me thinking. He discussed our reactions to adversity and asked do our attitudes and character change when we face it? At the end he left of us with this message, when trials come think of it as God trying to build your character so that you'll be prepared later. Lovely...I have to keep that in mind and make sure that when I'm going through tribulations I remember that it's all in preparation.

After church I went to my aunt's house to have lunch with the family. We had lots of food including white rice, fried and sauteed fish and noodles . Even made my mother's famous "Fish spring rolls" (BOMB!!). 
(lol @ the happy birthday plate....they're still celebrating mine :-p)

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: I wore this lovely white dress today to church. It was hot...we hit the 90s today so wearing this sleeveless light weight dress kept me cool. The dress is thrifted, bought it for about $3.00 ( Its a little big, but an easy fix. That'll be my next DIY project :-p The gold belt is from Charlotte Russe. I had bought some white shorts a few months ago and thats the belt that it came with so I borrowed it lol. Mary Jane pumps were purchased from LoveD. I bought these shoes because they're oober cute but never wore them until're going to be seeing them a lot more. Purse is Jessica Simpson from Macy's.

Until next time Beauties!!!


  1. What a steal on that dress! It's very pretty!

  2. I love the cut of the dress on you, it flatters your figure very well!

  3. First time commenter! You look nice in white! Great job finding a 3 dollar dress!

    1. TYTY!! I was really happy when I did. Its a lovely dress!


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