Friday, April 6, 2012

Color Blocking....for the Boardwalk

Top: Charlotte Russe | | Jeans: G-Stage | | Purse: Gifted | | Wedges: Charlotte Russe

What you believe determines how you live.

Hey Beauties!!!!
HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! I hope everyone has wonderful plans for this Easter weekend. I have a few items planned...not too major though. Tomorrow I've set up and appointment to try Mac's new makeup line. I'll take before and after pics so ya'll could see the difference.  Today was laid back, it was just to hot to do anything else. I went to Ross to return some dresses that I had bought  2 weeks ago and "tried" (using that word lightly) to unpack lol. Still need to do a few loads of  laundry but I'll wait till the weekend to tackle that.  My family and I were invited to a close friends house for Easter Lunch, so that's how I will be spending my Easter! Hope everyone has a safe fun weekend!!! OUTFIT OF THE DAY: It was crazy hot today, we were close to 90 degree weather. California...what are you doing to me? lol. I managed though. But first, I have to admit that I'm not a fan of pink. Lighter shades I can deal with, but not "hot pink". For some reason I just don't like the color on with that said today's outfit I wore a color block tank that mixed coral and green together. I originally bought this shirt for $15.00 from charlotter Russe, then the next day went on sale to $5.00. :/ Not cool, had to return to the store to get the sale price :) very cool! lol. Underneath I chose to wear my green cami that I bought awhile ago.  Skinny blue jeans from G-stage and snakeskin wedges from Charlotte Russe (love these)!! Outfit was great for the hot weather today, it kept me cool and happy.
Until next time Beauties!!

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