Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Challenge Friday: Chevron Stripes

Chevron top: Kohl's | | Skinny Jeans : G-stage | |  Soda Sandals : Reflections | |  Necklace : Gifted (Jamaica) 
When you fill your thoughts with the wrong things, theres no room for the rifht things.

Hey Beauties!!
HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Oh wow, I'm so glad it's the end of the week...I am sooo ready for the weekend :-P.  I have a Family BBQ on Sunday, and today is shopping day!! LOL. I'm going shopping for Ribs, Chicken, Veggie meat and fish (wow that's a lot) hope I have the energy for it. Hopefully, I'm able to take pictures of the dishes I will make. Busy day ahead of me...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Great day today. Not too hot and not too cold...just right for what I chose to wear. I'm incorporating "Fashion Challenge" post on Friday's now. Hopefully I'm able to keep up :-P. So today's Fashion Challenge is Chevron stripes. I've seen this dramatic diagonal pattern on the streets and blogs, very cute trend. Today I wore a Chevron striped tube top by Candies. I bought this top years ago, considered giving it away...and then didn't lol. The piece makes a strong statement because of the eye-catching Chevron stripes. So I paired my top with dark skinny jeans from G-stage and some  flat sandals from Reflections. Great outfit for going out for the day, hanging with friends or running errands. Enjoy!!
Until Next time Beauties!!!!

Do you like chevron stripes?

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