Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BFSC: Who wear's short shorts

Romper: Kohl's | | Bathing suit: JCPenny | |
You can’t always control your circumstances, but you can control how you react to them.

Hey Beauties
Happy Tuesday!! I hope all is well... Short post today...didn't do much but unpack, wash clothes and clean house lol..good day today. OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Well ladies it's official. I completed Jasifer's Big Fat Summer Challenge. So EXCITED!!!!! Save the best for last, some "short shorts" and a "Two piece bathing suit". 
 Perfect day to take a dip...in the Jacuzzi, cause thats where the warm water was lol. All in all, I had loads of fun completing this fashion challenge. I'm definitely participating in more in the future. Maybe even starting my own...stay tuned!!!
Thank you to my followers for all the comments and support and thank you to Jasifer for affording me the opportunity to be apart of this summer challenge.
Until next time!

Monday, July 30, 2012

BFSC: Surprisingly Chic

Top: Target | | Clutch: Ross | | Pants: Thrifted | | Pumps: Ross | | 

Fear comes when we let our "what if's" speak louder than God's What Is.

Hey Beauties!!!
Oh I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Mine was a lil crazy. Spent that last four days in VEGAS! Had lots of fun, even though I brought my camera I didn't take much pictures  lol. Weird. I guess I got caught up with all the hustle and bustle. Well it's almost the end of the month....on to August. I'm so ready for fall, because this heat wave is killing me. I can honestly say, the AC is my BFF at the moment. Happy Monday!
OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Alright ladies, almost done with  Jasifer's Big Fat Summer Challenge. And what a journey it has been. I have two left and I can't wait to post it. 
Today I chose to wear a "high waisted bottom" with a "crop top".  This look is chic and romantic, perfect for a date or another snappy-casual type of situation. This lace crop top looks great paired with high waisted harem pants. I added a floral bracelet and go-to pair of simple heels and finished with a snake skin clutch. Enjoy Beauties...Until Next time!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

BFSC: Curves Ahead!!

Top: Kohl's | | Skirt: Torrid | | Sandals: LoveD | | Bracelet: Old Navy
It's not about what you CAN'T do, it's about what God CAN do.

Hey Beauties!!!
HAPPY MONDAY!!!! Once again, a new week is upon us. I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend. I had a laid back weekend, preparing for this weeks festivities ; -)  Today is my aunties birthday, so HAPPY BDAY to her. She wanted it relax today, so we had a small get-to-together with just family. Ordered some pizza and watched movies. The real party will start wed...lol. Cant wait!
OUTFIT OF THE DAY:  Time for the 5th and 6th installment of . Today I decided to knock out two challenges on the list : " Wear something strapless" and "Wear a bodycon outfit". 
I was going for a breezy look in my floral print tube top, a gray bodycon skirt and matching t-strap sandals. Punching up the look with a pearl bracelet. Hope ya'll enjoy. TC
Until Next Time

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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Sheath Dress: Ross | | Pumps: Reflections | | Purse: New York
If you give God all of your mistakes, He’ll give you all of His forgiveness.

Hey Beauties!!
Hope everyone's weekend is going  well. As usual, attended Church and heard a superb sermon. We had a guest speaker today and his message was on the "Worship App". Remind you, my church is doing a series called APPS 4 Life (you can check them out here). The serious entails apps that we need to better our lives. However, you can't just download them, the concept and focus of the series is to apply and use what you "download". So today we learned about being careful on who and what you worship. The pastor continued to say that the worst enemy is not the devil, it's yourself. Our self gets in the way of our worshiping. Don't only worship when life is good or when in trouble. Worship because you want to and because recognize who you are worshiping. So new goal in life: 
Regardless of what's going on, I will still praise and lift up the name of Jesus.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: This summer is all about brights, but that doesn't mean you have to retire all your black-and-white ensembles. Here I show the simple color scheme that made me  feel right in summer with a black and white printed dress, and adding a black belt and black pumps to complete the look.
Enjoy! Until Next time

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Friday, July 20, 2012

BFSC: Simple Sexy

Sun Glasses: G-stage | | Maxi dress: Ross | | Purse: Gifted | | Sandals: Gifted | | Necklace & Bracelets: Old Navy


"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Hey Beauties!!!
Happy FRIDAY!!!! "YaY the weekend is upon us, and how excited am I?!?! It's a few days till my aunt's birthday in which we are celebrating in none other than VEGAS baby LOL. So I'm ready to be with the fam and unwind for a little bit. We will be missing one member of our group,  my mother is leaving Tuesday for a trip to NY, so she won't be able to join us. But no pity, cause she's going to Switzerland to visit my cousin  -_-   teehee. We'll miss her but I'm sure she'll have fun there. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful week, enjoy the weekend beauties. TC 
OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Once again, I'm back with the 4th installment of  Jasifer's Big Fat Summer Challenge.
 Today I chose the fashion challenge " Wear a maxi skirt or dress".  I chose this gorgeous blue maxi dress to wear as a casual look. Even when doing casual, I still follow the cardinal rules of dressing a curvy figure: I try not to let the maxi overwhelm my petite, voluptuous shape thanks to a defined waist, and what I love about this maxi dress is the added little visual interest of the ruffle top to spice up the simple style. Enjoy!!
Until Next time!!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Coral Jeans: Old Navy | | Heels: Ross | | Purse: Macy's | | Bracelets: G-stage | |Top: Thrifted

Forgiveness is a Gift You Give Yourself.

Hey Beauties!!!
HAPPY HUMP DAY! Ugh this weather is killing me, just saying. It was more like that humid Florida-ish type of weather....you don't even have to be in the sun to sweat. lol On that note, I really didn't go out till about later in the evening, by that time it was good to wear a pair of jeans. SMH what a day. I started tutoring my little cousin, who will be in the 5th grade this fall, and it has just been ..... -__- I'll manage though. All I have to say is he better do well in the 5th grade...grrrrr Now onto the OUTFIT OF THE DAY: For today's outfit I chose the stylish Eva Longoria for inspiration. I fell in love with this outfit when I saw it. Looks sooo summery. The actress's bright peach jeans are an edgy contrast to her simple white button-down, while her structured tan handbag and nude strappy heels add a hint of ladylike elegance to the look. This is definitely the look I was going for. So effortlessly fabulous!!!! How you think I did?
Enjoy the rest of the day!! Until next time Beauties!!!

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