Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brrr, its cold in here...

Cardigan: Kohl's (old)
Floral Dress: Ross
Purse: by Mark via thrifting
Tights: JCPenny
Boots: Torrid
Kind words don't cost anything. Yet they could be worth everything.

Hey Beauties!!!
Its been a few days since I've been blogging. Sorry about that...just got caught up with my trip to New YORK. I ended up packing at the last minute...OMG it was crazy. Never again lol. Well I managed to arrive here in sweet Queens, New York in one piece but sooo much has been going on. First day here there was a car explosion on my street...smh it was crazy. I have noooo idea what started the fire but I do know that the car is GONE. The most important aspect though is that no one was hurt. So I'm glad for that. I of course had to either make an appearance or call  to basically let my family know I was here. So for the past thursday and friday, I've been visiting relatives and friends updating them on cali life and the fam!  GOt my hair done yesterday (wash and flat iron)...and then it rained today, POOF goes the hair lol. It wasn't tooo bad, I was able to save it...still looks good so i'll be alright. I didn't realize how cold it was going to be...the weather forecast said one thing and the weather actually did another lol. But, I'll manage...I mean I have to right?
I think I'll be getting into crazier adventures tomorrow. I love New York!!!!

As you could see there was noooo sun today lol and taking these pictures was not the business lol. I was freezing without my jacket, but I wanted you all to see the full effect of the outfit. I found this sweater at kohl's awhile back (and I mean awhile) and it matches perfectly with the colors on this black floral dress that I bought from Ross. I just love the teal color....gorgeous. My purse as you may know from my post that 70s chick  I bought at a thrift store...I have been using this allllll week lol.  The tights are actually gifted, but they were bought awhile back from JCpenny. My boots from Torrid (which are on sale now!).
Until next time Beauties!!


  1. Love the outfit hun!! I love the floral print and the color on the cardigan is one of my fav's


  2. Thank you so much!! It's becoming my fav too!!


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