Monday, March 12, 2012

Island Florals...

Blouse: Torrid
Necklace: Torrid
Jeans: G-stage
Wedges: LoveD

In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity.

Hey Beauties!! So today I went to my Zumba class that I've been attending  since last week. One of my good friends talked me into it. LOL really good idea though. Its a fun way to exercise but you do need a lot of energy to get all the moves down. My issue is....I think more about the routine while dancing then just going dancing I stumble a lil bit. But I'll get it down I promise. My next class is tomorrow and today I ripped my sneakers going shopping tomorrow YAY exercise gear so I can be ready.

It was a nice day out today, despite the fact there's no sun. The weather was nice  and there was a cool breeze. So I decided to wear a flowly shirt that I bought at Torrid (luv that store) with a matchin chain/pearl necklace. The ripped jeans, just rolled up, bought at G-stage. My wedge mary jane pumps I bought long time ago from LoveD in the mall...but I just love them and cant seem to find them anywhere else. Overall very comfortable to wear.

Until next time, Beauties!!

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