Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rain...Rain go away....

Lace dress: Ross
Coat: JCPenny
Tights: JCPenny
Pumps: LoveD
Purse: New York (gifted)
When life gets to hard to stand, kneel.

Hey Beauties!!! Hope everyone's weekend is going well so far. I didn't get  a chance to post an OOTD yesterday sooo I'm posting what I wore yesterday today! lol. I attended a party last night (pictures coming soon) and I didn't get home till about 2:00am....yea I was tired :-P. I had a lot of fun tho. I have a huge family and when we get together it's always crazy. Food, dancing, singing and CAKE!!! lol I'll upload images on the next post...I didnt have my digital camera with me so pictures are from my cell (sorry for the quality in advance).  For tonight, I'm going out with one of my home girls so I'm in the process of getting ready. I just wanted to do a quick post before the end of the night, cause I won't be back till tomorrow XD.

I actually wore this outfit yesterday to church. It was a windy rainy gloomy day :-/ , I'm telling you it was a mini hurricane here in Cali lol. I wore my hair up to prevent any puffing ;-). Now for my outfit, I wore  a lace 3/4 sleeve dress I bought from Ross, I uploaded 3 images of the actual dress so that you can see it in full. The other photos are of me outside with the full ensemble. I added a black and white polka dot Coat that I  bought from JCPenny last Feb for $20.00!! I just love it and it keeps me cozy and warm. To keep my legs warm I added some matching polka dot tights with my black pumps from LoveD. My handbag I bought in New York from China town...they have great purses. 
Well Beauties, until next time!!


  1. Nice jacket and dress

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. Fabulous.....I love this combo! That dress is cute and looks great paired with the coat and tights.

  3. You look great, lovely outfit! I really like the dress & the coat they're lovely!

  4. love your coat and dress!!! cute outfit!


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