Friday, March 23, 2012

That 70s chick

Scarf H&M (gifted) | | Tank top: Target | | Jeans: Kohl's | | Wedges: Kohl's
Your attitude is your thought life on full display.

Hey Beauties!!!
I'm going to be real quick today. Yesterday, I stayed up all night because I couldn't sleep. I decided to do a little spring cleaning (yes during the middle of the night) and got rid of some clothes, shoes and purses. I don't exactly understand what got into me lol and what made it worse was I had a killer headache too SMH. But don't worry now, I'm all better just a little tired. I ended up finishing everything I needed to do as far cleaning out my closet and finally fell asleep around 6:00am. Crazy right? Does anyone else experience that? hmmm....
Well, I decided to treat my self to a day of thrift shopping YAY!!. I ended up spending a whopping $7.27 today :-)! I bought 2 new goodies:
Since spring is in the air, this gorgeous floral dress will definitely depict the season. And this purse is my new fav!! Stay tuned for outfits.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: I wore a simple casual outfit today, perfect to do a little shopping. A white tank top and bell bottoms jeans, striped wedges and  a beautiful blue floral scarf which I received for Christmas from a good friend. I love the patter, texture and the shades of blue. Just lovely....
Until next time beauties!!!


  1. Very cute n casual outfit, love the scarf and that bag is gorgeous!!


  2. I love your mark bag! I have the same one and I just pulled it out right on time for spring!


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