Monday, September 3, 2012

Stripe Tease...

Top: Kohl's | | Skirt: Charlotte Russe | | Sandals: Ross | | Clutch: Gifted | | Bracelet: G-stage
Instead of living in the last moment or in the next moment, remember to live in this moment.

Hey Beauties!!!! Ahh It's MONDAY. Happy Labor day guyz. I hope everyone is having a glorious 3-day weekend. I would like to say sorry for the lack of post last month, lately I haven't been around much. Been traveling back and forth to San Diego to help my auntie...which I'm happy to say is doing great. Kidney is working well and she has a good prognosis. So praise God for that. :-)
So guys I heard some new apauling and must-share information this past weekend. I don't want to ruin the day, however this needs to be know. BBQ this long weekend dont carcoal because it produces carcinogens that cause cancer. It's equivalent to smoking half a pack of cigarettes. Craziness right?? 

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Since California refuses to lower the temperature, I felt is neccessary to wear as little clothes as possible to go out today. LOL. Sported a striped bodycon skirt with a black tanktop and added t-straped sandals. Perfect for the day, granted I stayed in Air Conditioned area nevertheless still perfect!! Hope ya'll enjoy!!!
Until next time!

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  1. Hi Arlene. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Just by reading your bio and latest post, I can tell we have a lot in common! 1)I'm from Southern California, 2)I'm in the medical profession too, physician assistant, 3)I work with dialysis patients, so I know your aunts struggles with the kidney situation. Glad she got a new one.4) Last, but not least I love food and fashion too!
    Your outfit is perfect for a warm Southern Cali day. Chic, simple, cool. You look great.

  2. Fab look for the extreme heat! Thanks so much for linking up with Visible Monday and try to stay cool. : )

  3. nice outfit :)


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