Saturday, July 21, 2012


Sheath Dress: Ross | | Pumps: Reflections | | Purse: New York
If you give God all of your mistakes, He’ll give you all of His forgiveness.

Hey Beauties!!
Hope everyone's weekend is going  well. As usual, attended Church and heard a superb sermon. We had a guest speaker today and his message was on the "Worship App". Remind you, my church is doing a series called APPS 4 Life (you can check them out here). The serious entails apps that we need to better our lives. However, you can't just download them, the concept and focus of the series is to apply and use what you "download". So today we learned about being careful on who and what you worship. The pastor continued to say that the worst enemy is not the devil, it's yourself. Our self gets in the way of our worshiping. Don't only worship when life is good or when in trouble. Worship because you want to and because recognize who you are worshiping. So new goal in life: 
Regardless of what's going on, I will still praise and lift up the name of Jesus.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: This summer is all about brights, but that doesn't mean you have to retire all your black-and-white ensembles. Here I show the simple color scheme that made me  feel right in summer with a black and white printed dress, and adding a black belt and black pumps to complete the look.
Enjoy! Until Next time

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