Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Natural Corals

Sweater: Ross | | Leopard scarf: gifted | | Shorts: Kohl's | | Bracelet: Charlotte Russe | |Wedges: LoveD
Your mountains may be big, but your God is even bigger.

Hey Beauties!!!
Beautiful day we are having. My family is back from vegas...and no I didn't go but I had good reason not too. 1. My very close friends are getting married in July, and the brides bachelorrette party is in vegas next month...and 2. I had to keep up with my study schedule for MCATS. Going to vegas for 2 days would have me all kinds of sidetrack lol. So I had the house to myself....Got a lot of things done and I even went thrifting with my cousin. It was her first time going and she wanted to know what it was like. We found some great items....check it out...
OUTFIT OF THE DAY: So today was another great day for shorts...YAY...I am dreading the sweltering heat we might be enduring during june july and august :-/ 
I bought these shorts a few years ago and decided to dust them off and wear them today. I paired it with a lovely coral sweater (gorgeous color), underneath is a tank top and I added belted wedges bought from LoveD. For a pop of  I added a leopard scarf (my late grandmothers ).Very comfortable ...hope ya'll enjoy.
Until next time Beauties!!!

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